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The people who bring Fair Media Council’s thought leadership & cutting-edge programming to life

Jaci Clement



With a background in journalism & working on the business side in news media, Jaci is recognized as one of the top media scholars in America today. She writes on news media & its impact on society & hosts FMC Fast Chat, a popular podcast featuring notables in news, media, & business. photo by Bob Giglione

Valerie Kay

Graphic Artist & presentation specialist

With more than 30 years of graphic arts experience, Valerie oversees and executes visual presentations for FMC Signature events, including the FMC Folio Awards. A professional baker and creator of the exclusive Long Island Cupcake Collection, Valerie keeps us on a sugar high. 

RJ Shoemaker


In a nutshell: RJ keeps FMC running. He is the key contact for members and sponsors to stay up-to-date on memberships and FMC’s expansive offerings that provide organizations exposure in front of two key audiences: the news media and business leaders. Contact RJ at or by calling 516-224-1860, ext. 705.

Jenna Natale

Live events & experience coordinator

FMC’s live online events are made possible thanks to Jenna’s experience in producing virtual events for organizations around the country. With a news and business background, Jenna keeps the FMC brand on point and brings our mission to life through our events and podcast, FMC Fast Chat.

Jody Fisher

podcast intros/outros

A former radio reporter-turned-PR pro, Jody Fisher is our go-to guy for all our voiceover needs. His is the voice you hear at the beginning and end of each FMC Fast Chat, which debuted in late 2020 and has already been named a top social commentary podcast by Podchaser. 

Marisa Mellick

digital media marketing coordinator

Marisa gets to tell the story of FMC as she dances across our social media channels, keeping us authentic to our brand and relatable to our audience. Luckily, we have an endless supply of content — events! podcasts! commentary! services! memberships! — to match her endless supply of energy and creativity. 

Bookings Guru

Invitations & guest list

Our Bookings Guru prefers to remain behind the scenes, where she is forever busy researching, connecting and booking fabulous people to be part of FMC events, especially the FMC Fast Chat podcast. Reach her at or by calling 516-224-1860, ext. 700. Inside tip: Ask her about her cathedral radio collection.

John Colascione

Website management & seo specialist

John specializes in all things websites and keeps FMC’s digital office up and running. He authored “Mastering Your Website: Insider’s Guide to Fully Understanding Your Website, Search Engine Optimization and Building Your Brand” and has been with FMC for more than 15 years.

Bob Giglione


A professional photographer for news media and business events, Bob Giglione has worked as FMC’s photographer for more than a decade. He has snapped fireside chats, panel discussions and portraits for FMC, and even offers our members discounts on in-studio headshots. 



Jive has been the most popular member of the FMC team since 2012. 

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