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Join Fair Media CouncilAdvocating for quality news and building a media-savvy society in a media-driven world is what the Fair Media Council is all about. We bridge two distinct audiences, the news media and the public, to ensure the public conversation is relevant, informative and responsible. As a 501c3 nonprofit unlike any in the country, we invite you to join our influential and rapidly-growing community. 87 cents of every dollar goes into our programming.About us.

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It Began on Long Island...

The Fair Media Council is widely regarded as one of the most successful media watchdog organizations in the country. FMC greatly influences the public conversation in two ways: It challenges the news media to improve its performance, and it educates the public to become media-savvy news consumers. The two-sided mission makes FMC unlike any organization in the country.

Based on Long Island — which is as well known as ‘the birthplace of suburbia’ and ‘the cradle of aviation’ as it is for its white-sand beaches and owning 29 of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, according to Forbes magazine — FMC’s work begins at the hyperlocal level and extends beyond borders. Events enabling an open dialogue between the news media and the public serve to build bridges of understanding and address the knowledge gap of the news media’s role in democracy and the need for an informed electorate.

Since 2004, the Fair Media Council has played an active role in the news ecosystem, and helped thousands of organizations become media savvy. Exclusive opportunities to hear directly from speakers who provide expert perspective on today’s media and its challenges, and what makes headlines and why is a key component to FMC’s programming. Another component is the Folio Awards program, where the news is judged not only for journalistic excellence but relevancy and impact to the community. The awards also encourage coverage of serious issues that might otherwise be overlooked.

The Fair Media Council was birthed from an organization begun in 1979 known as the Coalition for Fair Broadcasting. The Coalition’s work was notable for its time, but its narrow focus on over-the-air television was sidelined by history, as technology dramatically changed the media industry and the way the public receives its news.

About us.