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The Fair Media Council’s view of the world begins on Long Island. We’d have it no other way.

Widely regarded as one of the oldest,most successful media watchdog organizations in the country, the Fair Media Council influences the public conversation in two ways: It challenges the news media to improve its performance, and it educates the public to become media-savvy news consumers.  This two-sided mission makes the Fair Media Council unlike any organization in the country. 

Based on Long Island — which is as well known for being ‘the birthplace of suburbia’ and ‘the cradle of aviation’ as it is for its white-sand beaches and ownership of 29 of the wealthiest zip codes in the country, according to Forbes magazine — FMC’s work begins at the hyperlocal level and extends beyond borders. 

Our programming encourages an open dialogue between the best in news media and the public, and serves to build bridges of understanding while addressing the growing knowledge gap of the news media’s role in democracy and the need for an informed electorate. Our daily work involves working with and monitoring the media for content and programming changes that impact the public’s right to know, identifying trends and employing a variety of techniques to create mutual understanding and respect between the media and the public it serves. 

The Fair Media Council was birthed in 2004, yet its roots are from an organization that began in 1979 — before cable and the internet — as the Long Island Coalition for Fair Broadcasting, which watch dogged over-the-air television in the New York market. The Coalition’s work was notable for its time and provided a launching pad for FMC’s success. Ultimately, the ever-changing and evolving nature of news and technology, combined with growing need for a public educated on how to navigate today’s media landscape, divined the mission of the Fair Media Council. 

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