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The award-winning FMC Fast Chat podcast features 30-minute conversations with notables in news, media & business. Expect engaging conversations that get right to the point, providing you with expert insight and advice to help you improve your life, business and community. In 30 minutes, you’re in the know. FMC Fast Chat is hosted by Fair Media Council CEO & Executive Director Jaci Clement. 

FMC Fast Chat Kicks Off Podcast Series on Local News in America

Take a listen to FMC Fast Chat’s new series of podcasts focusing on the state of local news in America. 

Each episode features an inside look at a historic news outlet, offering a bit of American history and chat about how these legacy outlets are carving a path through the modern media landscape.  To put things into context, we also discuss what issues and events are trending in the communities they cover. 

Early episodes will take you to Portsmouth, where the New Hampshire Gazette has a history predating the American Revolution; and Nome, Alaska, where the state’s oldest newspaper is chronicling the dramatic impact of climate change on this remote community. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, hear how the West’s oldest newspaper went from a family-owned operation that was sold to Gannett and then bought back by the family. Ultimately, the series will take you to many places throughout the country for first-hand accounts of the state of news in America today. 

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Award-Winning Podcast
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