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The FMC Fast Chat podcast features 30-minute conversations with notables in news, media & business. Expect engaging conversations — partly driven by audience questions — that get right to the point, providing you with expert insight and advice to help you improve your life, business and community. In 30 minutes, you’re in the know. Fast Chat is hosted by Fair Media Council CEO & Executive Director Jaci Clement. Reserve your seat for upcoming live shows below. 

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Jon Allsop is a freelance journalist based in London. 


Allsop writes a daily newsletter about the media industry for the Columbia Journalism Review, and features and columns on media and politics for magazines including the New York Review of BooksThe Nation, and Foreign Policy. His award-winning investigative reporting on the global lottery industry has appeared in outlets in the US and South Africa.


Think you have the right to say that? Think again.

The ongoing fight over the First Amendment, its rights and responsibilities, and common misconceptions will be the focus of this chat with featured guest Gene Polincinski, Senior Fellow for the First Amendment for the Freedom Forum.

At the Freedom Forum, Policinski contributes to the weekly “First Five” commentary on First Amendment issues, responds to news media inquiries and participates in Freedom Forum programs. He is one of the founding editors of USA Today and also is a trustee of the First Amendment Museum being developed in Augusta, Me.

A longtime proponent of diversity as an essential element of a free press, he is a member of the board of directors of Journal-isms, a regular report on diversity in the news media. Policinski writes, lectures and is interviewed regularly on news media and First Amendment issues. He is co-author, with Professor emeritus Robert Bickel of Stetson University, of a multi-media academic course, The First Amendment and the Civil Rights Movement. He is a contributor to “Whistleblowers, Leaks and the First Amendment,” published by the American Bar Association. providing a chapter on First Amendment issues and a free press; and has been published in a number of law review journals.

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