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The FMC Fast Chat podcast features 30-minute conversations with notables in news, media & business. Expect engaging conversations — partly driven by audience questions — that get right to the point, providing you with expert insight and advice to help you improve your life, business and community. In 30 minutes, you’re in the know. Fast Chat is hosted by Fair Media Council CEO & Executive Director Jaci Clement. Reserve your seat for upcoming live shows below. 

The recorded show is available as a podcast on Apple, Amazon Music & Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and the C-Suite Radio Network. Please subscribe. 

Just in time to save your Thanksgiving dinner from turning into a war zone, FMC Fast Chat LIVE talks with Peter T. Coleman, Ph.D. on why we love to take sides and how to overcome our conflicts. 



Coleman, author of “The Way Out: Overcoming Toxic Polarization,” holds a joint appointment at Columbia University Teachers College and The Earth Institute. A renowned expert on constructive conflict resolution and sustainable peace, Coleman directs the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, is founding director of the Institute for Psychological Science and Practice and is co-executive director of Columbia University’s Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict, and Complexity


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