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Folio Awards

The gold standard for recognizing the best in news and social media. All are eligible to enter. Entries to be submitted for the 2023 Folio Awards must been published or broadcast during the 2022 calendar year. Read on to find out more. 

Questions? Email info@fairmediacouncil.org

Entry Deadline: Feb. 1, 2023


Why Enter the Folio awards?

The Folio Award illustrates recognition by industry professionals and news consumers — or, as we like to say, it’s where critical acclaim meets box office success. National and New York regional news of any topic may be entered, along with Long Island hyperlocal news stories. Our requirements for social media campaigns are different: We seek campaigns from anywhere that educate, inspire, or enlighten. 

Meet the best in news and social media.

Best in News

Jan. 6 Coverage - National, Online


We Decoded the Symbols from the Storming of the Capitol

Watchdog News - Local, Radio

WSHU Public Radio

Nassau D.A. Changes Policy on Paper License Plate Arrests

Best in Social Media

Best Multimedia Campaign

Sandra Lindsay: The First COVID Vaccine in the U.S.

Northwell Health

Best Community Service Campaign

Project Bread Getting SNAP


Folio Awards Categories

Professionals and students may enter (simply check the proper category on the submission form). Please note, every year we introduce new categories so please review categories and entry rules.

News Categories

Social Media Campaign Categories

Meet the Judges

Our distinguished judging panel represents accomplished journalists and communication professionals alongside community leaders with a demonstrated commitment to the communities they serve. Select invitations are sent each year.

Entering is Easy

Entering the Folio Awards is an online-only process. It’s important for the information used in the entry forms to be complete and accurate, as this is what is used for the award, should the entry win.

Enter News Stories

Enter Social Media Campaigns

Become a Sponsor or Supporter

Community champions and responsible corporate citizens sponsor our annual Folio Awards. Sponsorship not only offers high-visibility recognition but enhances a brand’s image by helping to combat one of the biggest issues of our time: The need for quality news and social media in an era of disinformation and fake news. Interested in sponsorship? Email info@fairmediacouncil.org


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