Fair Media Council events build bridges between the news media and the community.  We foster an open dialogue that emphasizes mutual understanding,  respect and relationship development.

Real&Powerful Fair Media Council
The News Conference: Real & Powerful is the Fair Media Council’s annual conference — and it happens to be the largest event in the country to bring news media and community for a day of open dialogue, mutual understanding and relationship building. 
More than 20 breakout sessions feature local, regional and national news media offer insight into news today. Networking, exhibitors, and breakfast and luncheon with featured speakers complete an event that draws attendees from the greater New York metro area and beyond.
The Folio Awards send a message to newsrooms everywhere of what the public wants and needs in its news today. 
Winners are chosen by judges representing community, business, academia and news, using FMC’s exclusive scorecard method.
The program also teaches news consumers how to look at news with a critical eye – a skill that is growing in importance in today’s world.
The luncheon event draws together a who’s who in news, and our keynoters are typically media icons and legends.
Our annual Summer Boot Camp offers a glimpse into the future of communications, as well as best practices, advice and tips to help communicators increase their overall media savvy.
Speakers are experts in their fields, ranging from news, media, communications, academia, public relations, media relations, artificial intelligence and technology.
Boot Camp also offers certification opportunities to illustrate ongoing professional development to employers.

Partner with Fair Media Council

As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, the Fair Media Council is always looking to partner with organizations that can help us expand and further our mission. Demand for our services continues to grow. 

For FMC, partnering doesn’t simply mean we seek financial support: Partners play an active role in our programming, to bring our mission alive by participating in our events, providing feedback and ideas, and opening doors.  

For more information, contact Fair Media Council CEO & Executive Director Jaci Clement at or by calling 516-224-1860, ext. 701.

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