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Commentary on media & culture by Jaci Clement, CEO & Executive Director, Fair Media Council

Here’s how kids send a message.

That one-dimensional news cycle comes with consequences.

Let’s take a moment to remind you who’s responsible for what, starting with the FCC.

What every newsroom should be asking right now

The role of the journalist is up for debate.

Or is that Redundant?

Straight talk on what’s in your news. An “Ask a CEO” interview by Greg Demetriou, Lorraine Gregory Communications

Whatta week this has been.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned news coverage upside down

The consequences of churn

People trust people, not institutions.

If geography is destiny, media is biology.

Designed for You, Your Friends & Family

It seems the news has finally arrived. 

Today’s news is highly repetitive and available on demand. Here’s the thing: You get to decide when to demand it.

Tips for dealing with news during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Jaci Clement earned her first byline in a daily paper when she was in the fourth grade. She’s been working for and with media ever since. 

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