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Welcome to our Watch List. A mashup of news and media-related developments that bear watching for how they’ll affect life and culture as we know it. If we find something not yet on your radar screen, all the better. Here’s what’s up.

CHA-CHING! If you filed a claim as part of the Marchese v. Cablevision settlement (many months ago, Watch List gave you the info to do so), then check your cable bill, as well as your inbox. Your refund is heading your way, if it hasn’t already landed. (You’re welcome.)

SPEAKING OF MONEY … If you have an Amazon Prime account, you may not realize you’re entitled to a FREE six-month subscription to The Washington Post. (After six months, you may enjoy a steep discount). Signing up is as easy as signing in to your Amazon account. Thank Jeff Bezos for that.

KEN GRIMBALL RETIRES It’s the end of an era, as News12’s dearly beloved Ken Grimball — he of the perennial smile and charm as his trademark — has retired. You may not know, before his award-winning broadcasting career, Ken was a singer and dancer at Radio City Music Hall. We wish him every happiness in the next chapter of his life, and thank him for being part of the fabric of our lives.

BUT HOW HOT IS IT IN THE STUDIO? Buzzfeed, which likes to count stuff, ranked the top 50 hottest news anchors and look who made the cut: WNYW’s morning weather guy, Mike Woods. The rankings were made according to Buzzfeed Community votes, which also enabled voters to post comments. So what was it that helped propel Woods to the top of the hotness heap? If you guessed he sometimes does the weather forecast shirtless, you guessed right.

WE LANDED IN THE CORNER OFFICE Actually, it’s Greg Demetriou’s office; we just got to hang there for a few minutes with friends John Collins and Marie Zere as part of his new Ask a CEO feature. Read what we had to say here.