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Welcome to our Watch List. A mashup of news and media-related developments that bear watching for how they’ll affect life and culture as we know it. If we find something not yet on your radar screen, all the better. Here’s what’s up.

HEY, THROWBACK THURSDAY ITEM Remember John Mancini, the Newsday editor who resigned in a hurry back in 2009? He’s had a few interesting gigs since then, and has just landed at Quartz as global news editor. Not familiar with Quartz? Check it out here.

ALL ABUZZ RIGHT NOW On Monday, Altice brings its Israeli-based 24-hour news channel, i24NEWS, to the U.S., launching in 20 states. As you’d expect, it’s hiring, too, looking to add around 50 staffers to its current tally of 250. It’s an interesting time for such a move, bringing new global perspectives to our media landscape when polarization is hot and heavy. Then again, perhaps the timing couldn’t be better.

SPEAKING OF BUZZ We reveal the best in news and social media tomorrow! Pick up Long Island Business News for the exclusive announcement of the 2017 Folio Award winners. (The info goes up online today, if you can’t wait.) Not sure where to find a copy? Try your nearest 7-11. (Congrats to the winners. See you March 28 at Long Island’s biggest media event. More details coming soon.)

IT’S GOOD TO BE FRENCH Think we’re referring to Trump-Trudeau handshake meme that blew up the internet? Nope (although that was pretty stellar), we’re talkin’ ’bout the French family, owners of what TVSpy describes as the ‘quirky independent’ station WRNN, which is set to rake in $212 million from the FCC’s reverse spectrum auction — possibly more than any other station in the country.

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