Reserve Now: Future of Communication Summer Boot Camp, July 13

Immersive Storytelling. Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. 
The Fair Media Council presents its annual Summer Boot Camp on Friday, July 13, 8 am – 12
Breakfast Sponsor
noon at South Nassau Communities Hospital state-of-the-art Conference Center. This year, the focus is on the future with expert speakers to illustrate the powerful art of storytelling using immersive technology and techniques, virtual reality and augmented reality.
Because of growing public appetite to experience information, the future presents an exciting challenge for all communicators, whether in business, nonprofit or media.
Attend boot camp to find out what’s possible today, and what skills will be needed to be an effective communication professional in a chaotic and increasingly fragmented marketplace.
All management levels and skill levels are welcome at this exclusive event.
Hot buffet breakfast, sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union, begins at 8 am. Dress code is shorts and flip-flops, or whatever you want to wear. FMC’s Boot Camp is a casual atmosphere, so you may feel comfortable asking questions and networking. Feel free to bring your laptop.

South Nassau Communities Hospital is easily accessible via LIRR’s Oceanside Station. After the event, plan to head to Freeport’s famed Nautical Mile, merely five miles away, for an al fresco lunch on the water.

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