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Long Island Key Television & Cable Contacts

Pitching Tips: Before you pitch a story, check the station's contour map to see if your story is appropriate for the audience size and reach.
Reporters prefer to know who they are dealing with; focus on building relationships, not simply sending press releases and cold calling.
Avoid pitching/cold calling while reporters are on air, or preparing to go on air.
Avoid pitching during heavy news cycles, unless your story is directly related to such news.
Make your phone pitch in 30 seconds or less.
Email pitches should be succinct and contain all pertinent information, including who, what, when, where, why and how.

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Long island

Direct contact info for News 12 LI: 516-393-1200 and

To report breaking news: 1-800-316-TIPS

To request news coverage of a planned event: Assignment Desk: 516-393-1390, select 2

Individual Points of Contact

Greg Cergol

Long Island Reporter

To pitch a story: 

Send an email. 

If the pitch is pressing or breaking news, call Greg on his cell.


Cell: 917-513-3158

Jodi Goldberg

Long Island Reporter

To pitch a story: Make your pitch between 8-9 a.m. via email five days prior to the event. Follow up with a morning call or email the day before the event. 


Cell: 516-359-1887

Kristin Thorne

li correspondent

To pitch a story:

Pitch via email. The best time to reach Kristin by phone is 10 a.m.


Cell: 917-553-5888

Keith Lopez

video journalist

To pitch a story: Emails are preferred. Pitch five business days prior to the story. Send a friendly reminder the morning of the event, before 9 a.m. 


Cell: 347-949-3865

Cecilia Dowd


To pitch a story:

Send your pitch via email or even text. Pitching a day prior is often best. Phone calls are fine, but may not be answered if covering a story. To follow up on a pitch, send a text or email no later than 8 a.m. on the morning of the event.


Cell: 631-327-3142


public television

See the Programming Schedule

Contact MetroFocus:

Contact All Arts: or add your event to the All Arts Calendar


Phone: 212-560-8021

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