Folio Awards Call for Entries Open

Folio Awards Call for Entries

Folio Awards Call for Entries Open

The Fair Media Council Folio Award call for entries is now open.

The Folio Awards recognize the best in news and social media, and earning a Folio represents the gold standard for today’s modern media landscape. All are eligible to enter, and new categories have been introduced. 

While the final entry deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 1, 2023, a tiered-entry system is designed to encourage early submissions at lower entry fees. Different fees also apply to professional and student entries.

There are now 53 news categories and 40 social media categories. 

The Folio Award illustrates recognition by industry professionals and news consumers — or, as we like to say, it’s where critical acclaim meets box office success. 


N1. Story of the Year

N2. Best Newscast (Submit One)

N3. Best Newspaper (Print or Digital- Submit One)

N4. Best News Special

N5. Best Talk Show/Magazine (Submit One)

N6. Breaking News

N7. Coronavirus Pandemic Coverage

N8. Arts & Culture

N9. Business

N10. Best Column (Submit One)

N11. Best Commentary

N12. Community Affairs

N13. Community Service

N14. Consumer Issues

N15. Continuing News Story (Include First Story and up to 4 follow-up stories.)

N16. Best Editorial Cartoon

N17. Best Editorial


N18. Education (Sean A. Fanelli Award)

N19. Election Coverage

N20. Enterprise (May be a series)

N21. Environment

N22. Feature

N23. Health

N24. History

N25. Housing

N26. Immigration

N27. Investigative Reporting

N28. Nonprofit News (news about a nonprofit organization)

N29. Politics

N30. Public Service

N31. Public Policy

N32. Real Estate & Development

N33. Religion (Msgr. Hartman Award)

N34. Science

N35. Animal Welfare

N36. Transportation

N37. Watchdog Issues

N38. Weather, Boating & Coastal

N39. Youth Issues

N40. Best Multimedia Storytelling

N41. Pandemic Recovery News

N42. Main Street News

N43. Jan. 6- Related Coverage

N44. Technology & Social Media Coverage

N45. Opioid Epidemic


N46: Best Photography (print or video)

N47: Political Debates

N48: Employment & Work Issues

N49: Mental Health Issues

N50: Climate Change

N51: Entertainment News

N52: War & Protest Coverage

N53: Best Podcast by News Outlet

SOCIAL MEDIA CATEGORIES – Expanded to include social media campaigns, podcasting, online events, websites, online magazines and newsletters

S1. Social Media Master – best use of three or more social media channels in one campaign

S2. Best Blog Site

S3. Best in Social Media by Corporation

S4. Best in Social Media by Media Outlet

S5. Best in Social Media by Nonprofit

S6. Best in Social Media by Small Business

S7. Best Use of Facebook

S8. Best Use of Instagram

S9. Best Use of Twitter

S10. Best Use of TikTok

S11. Community Service Campaign

S12. Culture & Diversity Campaign

S13. Emergency Awareness Campaign

Questions about entering the Folio Awards may be emailed to or you may call 516-224-1860, ext. 1. 


Complete Folio Awards  information may be found here