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OUR mission

Advocating for Quality News ...

The Fair Media Council is a one-of-a-kind 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. We work to improve the public conversation on the hyperlocal, regional and national levels.

As one of the oldest, most successful media watchdogs in the country, one side of our mission focuses on keeping the news media responsive and responsible to the public it serves. The other half of what we do?

& Working to Create a
Media-Savvy Society

Simply put, this isn’t the news of your parents’ generation. Today’s complicated and continuously fragmenting media landscape demands an educated news consumer. 

We call it media savvy. 

We’ve designed an organization to help people thrive in a media-driven world. We strive to build an informed electorate, vibrant communities and world-class citizens.

Here’s our story, and how we can help you.

Recent Speakers

John Carreyrou I WSJ

Margaret Hoover I PBS

Eleanor Clift I The Daily Beast  

Jaci Clement I Fair Media Council

Patrick Dolan I Newsday

John Avlon I CNN

Maggie Haberman I NY Times

Bringing out the best in news is a hallmark of Fair Media Council and its signature events, which include “The News Conference: Real & Powerful” and annual Folio Awards. Candid discussions about the state of news and the impact upon the public’s right shine light on how today’s newsrooms operate, and provide behind-the-scenes information on current events as they turn into American history.

Our Story

 News is an awesome force: It colors your world and shapes your opinions.  At Fair Media Council, we work to improve the quality of news and help you become an educated news consumer, so you can navigate today’s media landscape with confidence. Our view of the world begins on Long Island, N.Y., where we’re proudly headquartered in the No. 1 media market in the world.

How We Do It

Connections & Respect

We bring the best in news & the public together to engage in open dialogue, as well as to build relationships and mutual respect

Bridging the Gap

Our programs provide transparency into newsroom decisions to help the public navigate the media landscape & find quality news

Best Practices & Monitoring

Working with newsrooms, we compile real-time information on the latest best practices & standards for news & monitor changes that impact the public's right to know

Awards & Feedback

Our Folio Awards program recognizes quality news and also sends feedback to newsrooms on what the public wants & needs in its news

Pro Dev Certification

Given the exclusive nature of our programming, attendees may earn FMC certification to illustrate continuous training & achievement to employers

Commentary & Filings

We provide commentary & opinions in our newsletter & in filings with FCC & NYS Public Service Commission, grant media interviews & speak to organizations

More Ways to Get Involved

Call for Speakers

Journalists & communications professionals are sought for speakers on a rolling basis. Email
Apply to Join Our Board of Directors

Prior board experience & senior-level management of a business or nonprofit are among the qualifications. For details, email
Internships Available

Graduate students majoring in nonprofit management may apply to intern with FMC for fall or spring semesters. Email

You're invited to join the media savvy.

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