Tuesday, March 28, 2017
American Idol's
Robbie Rosen
to Perform
at Folio Awards
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Media Event: March 28 Folio Awards
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FMC Point of View: Opinions on News & Culture

FMC News: What's Going On with Us & Our Community, Plus The Interview: Meet the Leaders

FMC Watch List: A Mashup of What You Should Know Inside Newsrooms & Around the Metro Area

Brad Gerstman caught on camera at the 2016 Folio Awards

“Residents enjoy the good fortune of having one of the most important watchdog organizations in existence looking out for their interests.”

Robert Sinclair Jr., AAA New York

“[FMC is] not afraid to call attention to media outlets that are unfair and biased in their coverage, while at the same time praising and rewarding media that are fair and balanced.”

Andrea Staub, Perdue Farms


Businesses and nonprofits are invited to become a member of the Fair Media Council today, and enjoy a host of benefits along with a front-row seat to the ever changing world of media.

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About Fair Media Council

The Fair Media Council is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, founded in 1979.

FMC serves as media watchdog for the New York metro area. In fact, FMC is one of the oldest, most successful media watchdogs in the country. We advocate for quality news to keep people informed, and maintain our quality of life. But that’s only one side of our mission.What else do we do? We work to create a media savvy society, which is increasingly essential in a media-driven world.

FMC exclusive events give people the ability to go inside the news and meet the people in the news and making news. FMC commentaries, media interviews and public speaking at conferences, to business and community groups and students on what the public needs to know about the state of the news media are some of the methods FMC uses to educate today’s news consumers. In essence, we want the public to have the skills to be their own watchdogs.

While our work takes us many places, we’re proud to be headquartered on Long Island, N.Y.

Contact FMC at 516.224.1860, ext. 1. Email info@fairmediacouncil.org. Tweet @fmcsavvy.