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Prepare for What's Next at July 26 Annual Boot Camp

The Fair Media Council’s annual summer boot camp presents the latest best practices for professionals of all skill levels seeking to become better, more efficient and effective communicators.

Industry experts provide insight into how and why communication in the workplace is changing, as well as how to harness such change to the best advantage. A state-of-the-art conference setting ensures an atmosphere conducive to learning, while the relaxed dress code encourages attendees to network, share information and build relationships.

For the first time, attendees who complete this half-day program will earn FMC professional certification on the Communication Practitioner level.

Boot Camp Speakers

Steve Rubel

Steve Rubel, Chief Media Ecologist, Edelman, presents the “Edelman Media Forecast”

A new era in media is emerging – one where audiences gravitate toward having a more direct relationship, vs an intermediated one, with certain creators that speak to them. This will create news rainforests that will flourish, but it also creates news deserts where it will not. The Edelman Media Forecast is a new research initiative that covers these trends in depth. Steve will explain how this transition is playing out and what it means for marketing communications as well as audience development strategies.

Prof. Steven Skiena
Prof. Steven Skiena

Prof. Steve Skiena, Director, Institute for AI-Driven Discovery & Innovation, Stony Brook University, presents “AI and News Analysis”

How can we quantitatively measure the quality of news and media sources?  We are working to answer this question with big data techniques and artificial intelligence algorithms.  Our MediaRank project (www.media-rank.com) analyzes over 50,000 online news sources, computing several objective metrics of quality to differentiate among them.   Our analysis shows how news is consumed and comprehended by individuals and groups on social media.

Manoj Shamdasani, Vice President, News Development, News 12 Networks

Details to come!

Diane Masciale

Diane Masciale, Vice President & General Manager, WLIW/WNET, Co-Executive in Charge, All Arts, presents the Art of the Pitch

Newly-launched All Arts is an ambitious Public Media project covering arts and culture, including dance, film, music, theatre, visual arts and everything to do with words. From demographics and audience segmentation to how to successfully pitch All Arts, this overview will provide an inside look at how to design a pitch that meets content requirements and audience expectations in order to get your story covered.

Jody Fisher
Jody Fisher

Jody Fisher, Vice President, Austin Williams, presents “Saving Your Job, Advancing Your Career: How Communicators Prove Their Worth”

Because nothing screams ‘expendable’ to an employer more than an employee not understanding ROI, Fisher will discuss the ways today’s communicators can provide verifiable proof that their media and social media campaigns (and themselves) are worth every penny – 10 times over. (Bosses, take note: If you have communicators on staff and wonder what it is they actually do, herein lies your answer.)

For more than a decade, the Fair Media Council has offered this event as a way to help businesses, nonprofits and media outlets understand the latest trends in communications and how to prepare for what’s next. This FMC event has helped hundreds of organizations evolve communication strategies and skill sets.

The Fair Media Council Annual Summer Boot Camp: Future of Communication takes place Friday, July 26, 7.30 am – 12 noon at South Nassau Communities Hospital’s state-of-the-art Conference Center in Oceanside, N.Y. (Just over a mile from the Oceanside LIRR train station.)

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Who Should Attend? All skill levels are welcome. Our boot camp strives to be an accommodating, welcoming place to make anyone a better communicator, regardless of job or industry.

Why Sponsor? Position your organization as a community champion. Support the work of the Fair Media Council while helping develop our local and regional workforce into a communication powerhouse for a vibrant, competitive business environment. Visibility in front of a variety of businesses, nonprofit organizations and the news media from the greater New York metro area is an audience mix exclusive to FMC.

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The News Conference: Real & Powerful Returns Dec. 3

The Wall Street Journal’s John Carreyrou took an appreciative audience behind the scenes of his work to uncover the fraud behind Theranos. John’s pictured with Jaci Clement, CEO, Fair Media Council. Photo by Christopher Boyle
The Wall Street Journal’s John Carreyrou took an appreciative audience behind the scenes of his work to uncover the fraud behind Theranos. John’s pictured with Jaci Clement, CEO, Fair Media Council. Photo by Christopher Boyle
The Fair Media Council’s annual event, “The News Conference: Real & Powerful,” brings national, regional and local media together for a day of open dialogue with the public they serve. Why?  To build relationships, understanding and mutual respect between the news media and its audience, and provide transparency behind newsroom decisions.  It’s a win-win: Newsrooms connect and engage with their audiences, and the public becomes media-savvy news consumers. Be sure to save the date of Tuesday, Dec. 3 for a conference unlike any in the country.

  See last year’s program here:

RealPowerfulProgram2018.pdf (250 downloads)

Real & Powerful Early Bird Ticket $275

Ticket includes full-day admission, breakfast program, lunch program, choice of workshops, exhibitors, networking, coffee break, certification upon completion of the day. The News Conference: Real & Powerful takes place Dec. 3, 2019, 8 am to 4 pm, The Garden City Hotel.

Important: Limited availability. Last year sold out.

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