Friday, May 25, 2018

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Real & Powerful: The News Conference, Nov. 29

Bringing out the best in national and local news to take you behind the headlines and inside the news, this all-day conference is a must-attend for business and community leaders to become part of the local, regional and national public conversation.

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Real&Powerful Fair Media Council

Real & Powerful Conversation: Congrats to Celeste Katz (seated between Wall Street Journal’s Alex Martin and Long Island leader Patrick Halpin) who has just landed at Glamour magazine, covering national politics. The Daily Beast’s Harry Siegel and Long Island University Prof. Carolyn Levin rounded out a chat on covering the White House at FMC’s 2017 conference.

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The Fair Media Council advocates for quality news and works to create a media-savvy society in a media-driven world.

While our work takes us many places, we’re proud to be headquartered on Long Island, N.Y. We welcome businesses and nonprofits to join us, to strengthen our advocacy while supporting our work. As a nonprofit organization unlike any in the country, FMC thanks our members, sponsors and supporters for enabling our work to continue.


The Fair Media Council takes the public beyond the soundbite, educating people on the news process, along with current events, while bringing the media together with community leaders who influence the public conversation and have the power to find solutions to problems uncovered by the press.  Serving as a bridge between the public and the media, FMC provides information, opinions, and forums to improve the quality of the public conversation.

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