Raising Awareness Is Serious Business at Oct. 23’s FMC Connection Day Conference

Multiple Opportunities To Get In The News, Learn & Network

 Raising awareness has never been harder: Technology keeps introducing new channels — creating ‘white noise’ — as attention spans get shorter. But have no fear: At FMC Connection Day. we’re giving you the tools, tips, techniques and connections you need to become the next big thing.

We’ll kick off with the first ever LONG ISLAND-NEW YORK MEDIA SUMMIT, and go right into opportunities for you to meet and pitch the media. FMC Connection Day is the largest event in the country to bring the media together with the community. Expect to meet the media from the entire New York metro area. (TIP: Come prepared to pitch real stories.)

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Our NETWORKING AMBASSADORS will help you make connections and get the most of the day, while EXHIBITORS work in creative ways to get your attention (TIP: Exhibitors can hold press conferences, create photo opportunities, hold food drives — you get the idea, right?)

Multiple breakout sessions throughout the day will run the gamut on all facets of dealing with news, social media, current events and building your brand.

Go behind the scenes to find out how the Empire State Building shined its bright lights to raise empireawareness on endangered species, following the death of Cecil the Lion.

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Use the session to get inspired and discover how to create memorable moments based around news events. It’s one of several breakouts designed with one thing in mind: Helping you become a sensation. 

In between, you’ll get to meet the new team leading the charge at Long Island Business News, get an in-depth look at what’s happening on the hyperlocal level of news, listen to compelling stories from news industry insiders, get advice from some of the area’s finest crisis management experts, find out how social media is impacting your organization’s culture and communication needs, learn how to release the stress related to information overload, and so much more.

Did we mention more networking time, too? We’re just getting started! To be part of it all, get tickets, an exhibit package or take a sponsorship and get visible while securing your spot as a community champion. This is a year’s worth of marketing, branding and promotional opportunities all in one day. You can’t afford to miss this.

Check back often for program updates.

Connection Day Sponsors Lining Up 

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Big shout out to St. Joseph’s College, Farmingdale State College, the law firm of Murphy Bartol & O’Brien, South Nassau Communities Hospital, Giorgenti New York, Panera Catering and Winthrop-University Hospital and Long Island Development Corp. for supporting Connection Day and playing a vital role in moving the community forward.

This year, we’re offering lots of new ways for you to make the most out of Connection Day and boost your marketing and branding efforts. Some opportunities are on a first come, first served basis, so lock-in early.

We offer great visibility opportunities for budgets of all sizes. Put the power of Connection Day to work for you: Past attendees have landed in the news that very same day! Many have found jobs. All have made new friends and valuable connections.

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Who better to tell you than some of our current rockstar members?


Check out what Wordhampton’s Steve Haweeli; New York Sea Grant’s Barbara Branca; Farmingdale State College’s Patrick Calabria (he’s also a member of FMC’s Board of Directors); AAA New York’s Robert Sinclair; Hofstra University’s Jeffrey Morosoff; NBTY’s Andrea Staub and last, but certainly not least, Long Island Cares’ Paule T. Pachter, have to say about the work of the Fair Media Council. 

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