Watch List: Facebook Making Things Clear As Mud, Altice Fined

Current Situation: Muddled.
Without a clear road ahead for Facebook, digital channels are springing into action to update their own terms of service agreements. Problem is, most of them still make typical users of social media look askance at their computer screens. Take a gander at Facebook’s latest attempt to absolve itself of pretty much, well, everything.
And the battle over Net Neutrality still rages on. But, just like the disaster that is still Puerto Rico, you’re not hearing much about it at this stage. The repeal hasn’t officially gone into effect but one of its staunch supporters, Mignon Clyburn, has resigned from her post as commissioner of the FCC. One message that has repeatedly gotten lost in the media coverage of what has become a politically polarizing issue is this: Consumers, beware. Without Net Neutrality, telcom providers are pretty much free to do as they please.
Altice has Another Note to Pay
The European Commission has fined Altice about $150 million for jumping the gun in its takeover of PT Portugal.
The size of the fine, according to the EC, boils down to this: “Companies that jump the gun and implement mergers before notification or clearance undermine the effectiveness of our merger control system. This is the system that protects European consumers from any merger that would lead to higher prices or reduced choice. The fine imposed by the Commission on Altice today reflects the seriousness of the infringement and should deter other firms from breaking EU merger control rules”.
Altice has announced it intends to file an appeal in the matter.
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