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VIP Membership

Elevated status membership includes, but is not limited to: Banner ad in weekly newsletter for one year ($800 value) Premium placement of logo on website for one year ($500 value) Sponsorship of one episode of FMC Fast Chat podcast One-Year Term Tax Deductible to Extent Allowable by Law All standard membership benefits, including: Inclusion in online SourceBook, used by media to find sources for interviews and podcast guests Access to FMC media directory, online Free communication & media relations training workshops, for members only Free job postings Discounted ticket pricing Digital link backs to your website, newsletters, books, podcasts Benefits are subject to change and expand. Please refer to fairmediacouncil.org/become-a-member for full membership benefits details.


Corporation with 500+

All employees are considered members. Inclusion in online Source Book for media interviews, unrestricted access to FMC website, online listings, discounts to programming, special complimentary programming,  participation in free training workshops from FMC's Capacity Building & Development Center and more. See website for complete membership benefit information. Renews annually. Tax deductible.

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