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News and media touches every element of our lives today. We encourage you and everyone at your organization to take advantage of all the Fair Media Council has to offer. Use our work to give you a competitive edge in business and protect your quality of life. Together, we can improve the news to help ensure an informed electorate. 

The future belongs to the media savvy.

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All of FMC programming is designed to make you a media-savvy consumer, so you can navigate today’s complicated media landscape with ease. Our forums take you inside newsrooms and behind the scenes of current events. Our Folio Awards judging process teaches you how to critique news stories and social media campaigns to give you the tools to be your own media watchdog. 

become a trusted news source

Due to the nature of our programming, the ability to meet and build relationships with the news media on the hyperlocal, regional and national levels give you unlimited opportunities to become a trusted news source and acquire news coverage for your organization. NOTE: FMC provides the platform. It’s up to each organization to take advantage of the opportunities. We recommend working in unison with media relations professionals at all times. 

gain status

The Fair Media Council is the foremost authority for bridging the gap between the news media and the news consumer. FMC is nationally recognized for placing a premium on quality, ethics and credibility. Our membership base reflects that: Organizations of all sizes, each representing the best of their industries. Additionally, our supporters are known for their commitment to improving their communities. 

digital reputation enhancement & marketing

FMC offers members a variety of opportunities for inclusion in our online materials, such as listings in our Source Book for media interviews, our podcast and book author portals put you in front of our audience and provide recognition of your expertise along with back links to your website. All of our methods are designed to raise awareness of your organization.

access, in real life & online

As FMC programming brings media and community together, expect to make connections in both news and business. Networking and relationship building are part of all we do. FMC members also have unrestricted access to the FMC website, featuring an ever-growing library of data, on-demand programming and information to further your media savvy and media relations efforts. 

certificates of achievement

Select FMC programs provide opportunities to earn certificates of achievement, denoting the kind of continuous professional development necessary to deal with issues relating to today’s ever-changing news and communications industries. Every organization needs effective communications, yet it is often the most overlooked area for training. We fix that and do it in a way where all levels of experience and all industries may participate.


With a mission unlike any other organization in the country, FMC programs focus on bringing the news media and community together. Forums featuring open dialogue ensure real-time answers to questions ranging from current events, news decisions, the public’s right to know and gaining access to news coverage. 

discounts & complimentary seats

FMC membership includes all employees in your organization, therefore, discounts to attend events (physical and virtual) apply to all. 

Complimentary virtual seats for FMC Fast Chat LIVE are also available to members. 

speaker & award opportunities

FMC’s Capacity Building & Development Center enables us to bring our members together to engage, share and help each other. Speaker and panelist opportunities are plentiful and widely promoted to our network. We also encourage our members to enter their social media campaigns into our annual Folio Awards. 

find qualified employees

FMC programming helps employers understand their communication needs and define their goals. Our audience is filled with qualified candidates. Additionally, free job and internships listings are available in our weekly newsletter to ensure you find the best people,

obtain designations

Dependent on level of participation in FMC programs, members may earn distinctions to illustrate their commitment and experience. Titles such as FMC Influencer and FMC Master Trainer are among the possibilities. 

improved branding & marketing

In addition to participating in programming, FMC offers a wide variety of branding and marketing opportunities to get your message directly in front of the news media and business decision makers. 

new! TO showcase, market & engage our members:

7.5 Steps for Putting Your Membership to Work

FMC’s mission to advocate for quality news and create a media-savvy society puts us at the forefront of one of today’s most serious issue: Navigating today’s complicated media landscape. 

Choose Elite membership with enhanced branding and marketing, VIP level or standard membership based on number of employees at your organization. (We recommend the Elite level.) When we receive payment, you will receive an introductory email as soon as your membership is activated. 

Sign up yourself and your employees to receive FMC’s weekly newsletter, The Latest. It contains exclusive commentary, news and event announcements — and sometimes, even special offers.  It’s the best way to stay in the loop. Expect to find it in your inbox every Thursday, TIP: Be sure to whitelist the newsletter (ask your IT department for help) to ensure The Latest doesn’t get stuck in your company’s spam folder.

3. Provide Materials

With membership, your organization experts and spokespeople are eligible to be featured in our Source Book, designed to help the news media find sources for interviews. We’ll also ask for your logo and other information, to improve your online presence through listings on our website. Our back links improve your digital reputation, too. 

4. Get Active

Events are building blocks of our programming. Companies get the best results by enabling all levels of employees to attend. Dates are set far in advance; be sure to inform your organization and employees to work around these commitments. Members enjoy discount rates. TRUTH: It get something out of any membership, you need to put effort into your membership. 

5. Raise Your Profile

Once you get settled in with your membership, take advantage of the many opportunities we offer to raise the image of your brand via sponsorships, underwriting and advertising. Enter your social media campaigns in the Folio Awards. Master new skills by participating in our Capacity Building & Development Center activities, and work toward obtaining FMC professional development credits and FMC Influencer status. 

5.5 Have Fun While Learning

Enjoy taking part in exclusive forums featuring open dialogue with notables in news, media and business. FMC events take you inside the news with the people who make the news. Apply to be a Folio judge and learn to dissect news stories. Take part in FMC Fast Chat LIVE, where you help drive the conversation. Even subscribe to the podcast. Give us feedback on how we’re doing, so we can do more for you.

6. Navigate the Media Landscape with Ease

Enjoy a variety of ways to become an educated news consumer. Learn how to navigate the news to find credible information to live your best life, be successful and help your community maintain quality-of-life standards. Our information is useful for organizations, schools, parents and is easy to understand. PLUS: The more you know about news, the easier media relations becomes. 

8 tips for navigating news today - Fair Media Council

7. Use Our Resources

Explore our ever-growing Digital Toolbox of informational resources and video library. Read our commentary to stay abreast of changes to the media landscape and the impact on you, the news consumer. Ask us questions about the news. Network and build relationships with the news media we feature in our programs. (Did we mention we bring you the best in news?) 

Get media savvy.

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