Winners of FMC Media Savvy Teacher Awards

The Fair Media Council’s Media Savvy Teacher Awards encourage using news in the classroom to help build critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills in children. Why are we doing this? Because media savvy kids grow up to become world-class citizens.

Winners of FMC’s Media Savvy Teacher Awards

Anastasia Gavalas, Education Consultant, Southampton Elementary School, Southampton, N.Y.: Students used the media to research prominent leaders and the impact of those leaders on society. They then formed their own ideas on effective leadership and presented their ideas in the form of a book and video.

Suzanne Story, Fifth Grade Teacher, Longwood Middle School, Middle Island, N.Y.: Students were taught how to podcast, using news stories they had created, based on actual current events.

Evan Curran, Fourth Grade Teacher, Laddie Decker School, Sound Beach, N.Y.: Students were taught how to blog and corresponded with soldiers in Afghanistan to enhance the learning experience. The project incorporated the advancement of technology and English skills, as well as current events, history and geography.


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