FMC Media Savvy Teacher Award: Enter Now

Fair Media Council’s Media Savvy Teacher Award is designed to recognize 4th to 12th grade teachers using news in their classrooms.

Teachers working with children in the 4th – 12th grades are eligible to enter. (Full-time, part-time, substitute and teacher consultants are all qualified to participate.)

Project ideas are limited only by imagination, and current event topics are always changing. Plus, media — whether it’s newspapers, TV, radio or online sources — is readily available to teachers and students, making projects easy and affordable to create and complete. In addition, FMC makes it easy to enter:

Why use news in the classroom? Comparing and contrasting information builds critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills in children, as well as improved reading and writing skills, and an awareness of current events that helps take children to the next level in understanding their world.

Entries are accepted on a rolling deadline basis and are due by the 30th of each month. Projects must be completed within 18 months of entry. Projects older than 18 months will be disqualified. Entry fee must be received with entry. Questions? Call 516.224.1860 ext.1 or email


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