Dear WHCA,
I write to you to respectfully request you do not cancel your dinner. 
It’s a wonderful time-honored tradition and you should be incredibly proud of that.
I know there’s quite a bit of unrest this year, with many calling for the dinner to be canceled or for the President not to be invited.
Perhaps you’d be willing, at this late hour, to consider this idea: Invite speakers who understand the importance of the First Amendment. Consider Meryl Streep, for instance. Having her speak would attract the Hollywood set, so that’s a win-win. Consider Malala, an inspiration to all and who, at her young age, has used the power of her message for the betterment. Consider the SNL cast, or Colbert, or Jon Stewart. Consider asking Barack Obama, and allow him to reflect on his good times and bad, with the media, and without. (Seems he has some free time these days.)
Or, make it a First Amendment throw down and have Streep, POTUS and Jake Tapper speak. Give them each 20 minutes and tell them to bring their A games. What fine television this would make!
In essence: There are many opportunities available for you to have your dinner, and set forth a powerful message. Think out of the box. I’m in your corner, and I’m rooting for you to continue to inform and protect America and her people.
Jaci Clement
CEO & Executive Director, Fair Media Council
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