By Jaci Clement

It’s Valentine’s Day. How About a (Trial) Date?

The news is, the Dolan v. Altice lawsuit has itself some legs. Newsday’s James Madore tells the Delaware Chancery Court has stipulated no layoffs at News12, at least until a trial date in September — unless Altice sways the court otherwise at an April hearing.

The background here, for those not familiar with the situation: A business plan attached to the sale of Cablevision to Altice outlined News12’s operations — including headcount — through the year 2020. But a reduced headcount of at least 70 people at News12 under Altice’s watch led to the Dolan family filing suit, along with two familiar faces: Colleen McVey and Danielle Campbell, alleging age discrimination.

Altice denies the charges and has since announced it plans to beef up staffing, along with enhancements to the News12 studio.

What’s at play in all of this is whether or not the News12 format will be dramatically changed from what the greater New York metro has come to rely on, and one that no one else in the market fulfills.

More Legal Stuff

We brought you news of Garden City’s decision to hop its legal notices from one local paper to another, after 50 years of staying put, amid what appears to be a brouhaha over the village’s unhappiness with some news coverage.

The New York Times picked up on the story and offered a full view of the role legal advertising plays in helping sustain local news. For the local spin, here’s what Anton Media — the presumed winner in the legal battle — had to say in its coverage of the issue.

News on a Different Score

A bit of skinny on the Folio judging front, which is a program that gives our media-savvy public an authoritative voice to let newsrooms know how well (or not) they’re doing their jobs: Judging is almost complete, and competition is fierce this year. Entries from news outlets of all shapes and sizes, plus a dramatic increase in entries from newspapers, has this year’s Folios already in the record books.

Rooted in Theory

An interesting read on the state of news comes from Antonio Garcia Martinez. The Wired piece, headlined “Journalism Isn’t Dying. It’s Returning to Its Roots,”  walks you through some now-ancient news history, right alongside the latest developments.

PR Job Alert

If there’s one thing that’s radically evident in today’s era of the 24-second news cycle, it’s that a good PR rep is worth his or her weight in gold. A job opening here for a star-in-the-making:

HELP WANTED: Austin Williams is hiring (another) PR Specialist to join its fast-growing practice based in Hauppauge. Applicants with healthcare, tech and finance experience have a leg up. Apply here.

Internship Available in the Hamptons

We know. It’s the kind of headline that makes seasoned professionals want to quit their jobs and enroll in a night class simply to claim eligibility. Few things are better than summering on Long Island’s East End, even if you can no longer release balloons in Southampton. (Seriously, they debated and voted on that.) But here’s the deal:

High-energy busy Hamptons PR Firm seeking summer intern. Detail-oriented and motivated individual will receive hands-on PR experience. Minimum 24 hours per week. Paid position. Must be located on the East End. Email resume to:

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