Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Leaders Judge the News to Make This a Better Place

Folio Awards program makes amazing things happen.

First, we bring a diverse array of community leaders together, to serve as judges. Often, our judging sessions provide time for these leaders to get to know each other, and share in a common experience. Because we ensure journalists are in the mix, judging sessions also provide an educational experience for the people who have volunteered their time to be part of the Folio program.

The news stories and social media campaigns that earn our judges highest scores are those that tap the pulse of the public for their relevance to the community. The judging results send a strong, positive message back to newsrooms around the region, and provide case studies on what our community needs in its news and information feeds in order to ensure we protect our quality of life, all while enhancing the quality of our news.

It’s a powerful, green-light ethics program that sets a standard for excellence in the public domain.

To meet our esteemed Class of 2017 judges, simply hover over a photo, below. We thank our judges for their invaluable participation in the Folio Awards program, and for the work they do year round to improve our communities.

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