Introducing the Advisory Board

Fair Media Council introduces Advisory Board
Lighting the way for FMC: Our newly introduced Advisory Board

For the first time in its history, the Fair Media Council has created an Advisory Board.

Filled with extraordinary people, the Fair Media Council Advisory Board features a diverse group of professionals from all walks of life with one thing in common: A commitment to public service.

Meet the Fair Media Council Advisory Board

“Separate from the Board of Directors, our Advisory Board is intended to help ensure the Fair Media Council raises its image across industries and communities, and to keep our programming current, relevant and valuable to the public,” said Fair Media Council Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Jaci Clement. “It’s exciting to have drawn together such an accomplished group of media and business leaders, and it illustrates the power of the Fair Media Council’s mission, work and brand.”

Accomplished journalists, successful business leaders, regarded community advocates and noted educators comprise the Advisory Board, which includes serial entrepreneur and media innovator John Andrews, communications strategist and community advocate Anna Carbonell, Emerson College Prof. Thomas Cooper, equity analyst Clem Garcia, noted journalists Robert Keeler, Bruce Lambert and Lance Ulanoff, aerospace executive Puja Mahajan, content strategist Steve Rubel, social media evangelist Ted Rubin, designer and fashion executive Dawn E. Smart, Levittown School District’s Dr. Donald Sturz, and serial entrepreneur, author and public speaker Patrice Tanaka.

Admission to FMC’s Advisory Board is by invitation only. Business leaders who may be interested in joining FMC’s Board of Directors may find out more about the process here.

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