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Enter Long Island hyperlocal news as well as New York Metro Area Regional News and National News of any topic (No Long Island focus required for metro and national news).

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The Basics of Entering the Folio Awards

National (“National”) and New York metro regional (“Regional”) news stories are accepted, as are Long Island (“Local”) news stories. National and Regional news stories do NOT need to have a Long Island news component.

Entries may be submitted by news outlets, freelancers and students.

News stories must have been broadcast or published during the 2022 calendar year. 

Student categories are separate from the professional categories, but there is one submission form. Be sure to click the correct category on the form.  

A tiered-fee system is in place to encourage early submission.

We recommend you look at the entry form, gather all needed information and hyperlinks, and then begin your submission. It should take about 10 minutes to submit an entry. 

Questions? Email info@fairmediacouncil.org

Criteria and Rules for News Stories

Folio is adjudicated by news professionals as well as news and media consumers. The result? Folio winners not only represent the highest journalistic standards, but also exceptional storytelling and audience engagement, ensuring what the public wants and needs in its news. The Folio Awards began in the 1980s and today represent the gold standard of winning.

Everyone is eligible: Professionals, freelancers & students. All submissions must have been published or broadcast during the calendar year.

Dozens of former journalists & community leaders use FMC’s specially designed scorecard judging method, which emphasizes quality journalistic standards as well as relevance to the public in story choice, storytelling and presentation. 

News stories must have been broadcast or published during the previous calendar year to be eligible. Stories must be as they originally appeared — no composites, and no editing after the fact to spiff it up for the judges. National, regional and local news stories are eligible. Anyone may enter.

News categories do change from year to year, so please review them all before you begin. If your entry fits multiple categories, you may enter the same story in as many categories as you wish, but please note an entry fee applies to each submission. If our judges feel your entry is in the wrong category, they may move it a category they feel is more appropriate. 

The information that appears on your entry form will be used in published materials, should your entry win. Please be sure to check your entry BEFORE you hit that send button.  Warning: There will be no preview screen. Be sure to have correct spelling of names and titles, proper name of story to be entered, and publication or broadcast dates. 

Entry fees apply to each submission. If entering the same story in more than one category, a fee applies for each category. We use a tiered system to encourage early submission. 

Email info@fairmediacouncil.org with any questions, or call 516-224-1860, ext. 1. (Please note holiday hours will be in effect from Christmas through New Year’s, so please review entry requirements accordingly.)

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