FMC Folio Awards Rules and Submission Guidelines

Fair Media Council’s Folio Awards, Long Island’s Biggest Media Event

News Entry Rules

  • Any news organization or freelancer is eligible to enter Fair Media Council’s Folio Awards. Each story must focus, all or in part, on Long Island, N.Y. (Nassau and Suffolk counties).
  • Failure to comply with rules will result in disqualification.
  • Long Island content must be substantial. Entries need not be exclusively about Long Island, but the topics should be of particular interest or concern to Long Islanders or Long Island communities.
  • Entries must be received with payment by due date.
  • Entries must be submitted using official entry form.
  • Entries must be as broadcast, published or posted – no edited versions or composites.
  • Entries must be broadcast or published between  12/1/14 – 11/30/15. 
  • The judges  reserve the right to withhold awards in any category or to transfer an entry to another category.
  • Entrants are responsible for ensuring hyperlinks remain active through March 31, 2016, to allow time for the judging process to be completed.
  • Entries become property of the Fair Media Council (materials will not be returned).

Social Media Entry Rules

  1. FMC Folio Awards for Social Media are open to businesses, nonprofit organizations and news media.
  2. The subject matter does not have to be Long Island related.
  3. Agencies may submit work on behalf of clients. (Client and agency will be recognized if deemed a winner.)
  4. Campaigns may include use of one social media channel, or a combination of channels, including but not limited to social networking sites, web sites, blog sites and email campaigns.
  5. All entries must contain elements of news or information important to a community or target audience. Entries purely promotional in nature will be disqualified.
  6. Submissions must have become active campaigns between Dec. 1, 2014 to Nov. 30, 2015. (Campaigns may still be active to be considered eligible, as long as tangible results may be documented.)
  7. The Fair Media Council reserves the right to withhold awards in any category or to transfer an entry to another category.
  8. Entries become property of the Fair Media Council (do not expect materials to be returned to you).
  9. Late entries will not be eligible.
  10. Entry fees apply.
  11. Entries must include: Summary and quantifiable results — not to exceed 200 words.  Concept, goals and defined outcome of campaign should be in the summary. The summary is expected to include: A title. A 200-word (or less) description that highlights the strategy behind the entry and the reason it deserves an award, gives an understanding of the background and the challenge and evidence of results.