FMC Member Testimonials

photo “With membership in FMC one assures that there’s an attentive eye to unbiased coverage or lack thereof in our media market. As well, they offer very useful programs on best practices for communication professionals. FMC is a tremendous organization.”

– Steve Haweeli, President, WordHampton

1046 “With government deregulation, mega media mergers and the ever-changing face of online communication, the Fair Media Council is playing an increasingly important role. FMC keeps its members aware of these paradigm shifts in how we share information, and ensures that we understand the ramifications of too much control in too few hands. Without the Fair Media Council and other watchdog organizations sounding the alarm, the consequences for our American democracy are real as the movement of messages becomes increasingly exclusionary. ”

— Jeffrey S. Morosoff, Assistant Professor & Director, Graduate Program in Public Relations, Hofstra University

Robert-Sinclair-Robert-Sinclair-Jr.-AAA-New-York-150x112“Residents of Long Island enjoy the good fortune of having one of the most important watchdog organizations in existence looking out for their interests. The Fair Media Council functions to hold the collective feet of print, electronic and web-based media to the fire to ensure more extensive and in-depth coverage of the issues facing the so-called bedroom counties of Nassau and Suffolk. Additionally, the organization operates on various levels to the benefit of residents. By forcing media to pay more attention to Long Island, awareness is brought to the needs, wants and desires of residents, making public and private entities more responsive and responsible. FMC’s Folio Awards showcase superior media coverage, providing incentives to news organizations to pay more than the usual attention to the important stories of Long Island. Connection Day provides public relations practitioners with the skills and techniques needed to garner media coverage directly from news professionals, who also benefit by having the opportunity to learn first-hand about stories relevant to Long Island. And, FMC’s ongoing series of workshops, seminars and symposia keep cutting edge information flowing that helps to add meat to the underlying structure of media functionality. AAA New York is a proud member of the Fair Media Council and we regularly take advantage of the excellent information and services this stellar organization provides.”

– Robert Sinclair Jr., Manager of media relations, AAA New York



“Thanks to FMC, our social media world has really taken off. Our in-house web/social media guru has learned to expand to new markets and repackage our message to the next generation. He’s also helped our national organization grow in that direction.”

-Barbara Branca, New York Sea Grant



-Courtesy of Patrick Calabria, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
and Enrollment Management, Farmingdale State College

1046 “I have had the pleasure of being a member of the Fair Media Council during my entire career of 20+ years at a variety of Long Island companies. I have found this organization to be invaluable. They are truly the public’s guardian when it comes to New York local news. Jaci and her team are very well connected in the New York media market and have their fingers on the pulse on what is happening in the press. They are not afraid to call attention to media outlets that are unfair and biased in their coverage, while at the same time praising and rewarding media that are fair and balanced. Some of the programs that I have taken advantage of as a member include the Folio Awards, Connection Day and a number of their training programs.”

– Andrea Staub, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Perdue Farms

download “For not-for-profit corporations and local charities, telling your stories to the media successfully is a critical component of our work. Being part of the Fair Media Council can provide your organization with numerous opportunities to develop the right media contacts. The Fair Media Council also offers several cutting edge workshops and training programs that not-for-profit organizations can benefit from. Whether it’s developing effective press releases, using social media to its maximum potential, or learning from the masters,, membership in the Fair Media Council is affordable and is a valuable asset for local charities that have a good story to tell.”

– Paule T. Pachter, A.C.S.W., L.M.S.W. Executive Director, Long Island Cares, Inc.

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