To Enter FMC’s Media Savvy Teacher Awards for 4th-12th grade teachers, create a project that focuses on one of these categories:
  • CyberBullying Prevention: To further children’s understanding of what constitutes cyberbullying and how to prevent it in their schools
  • Financial Literacy: To create money savvy kids, this category encourages children to use news as a means to help them understand everything from what a bank does to how credit cards work and the importance of saving and compound interest. 
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention: To create kids with healthy minds & healthy bodies, children need a strong understanding of the dangers of drugs and alcohol. FMC encourages teachers to create projects using news to help students understand how to keep their bodies healthy, and how drugs and alcohol can cause physical, emotional and mental problems.
  • General News Literacy: To further children’s understanding of local, national and world events, this category asks teachers to create projects of their choosing that incorporate at least three news sources. Projects should contain an element that allows children to compare and contrast information from different news sources.
  • Current Events: Create a project revolving around a current issue in the news and define a goal for the children to reach a deeper understanding of the issue.

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