Fair Media Council Joins the Fight for Net Neutrality

The Fair Media Council has joined in the fight for Net Neutrality, standing alongside the likes of NetFlix, ACLU, Tumblr, Kickstarter and Consumers Union, to name a few. We ask you to join in, too! Here’s the deal:

In case you missed the first go-round during the Obama years, Net Neutrality protects the consumer by ensuring the Internet is an even playing field, so Internet Service Providers may not block or slow down content consumers want to access. For a look at what this is all about, watch this John Oliver clip.

Recent Net Neutrality rules, including Title II which works to hold ISPs accountable, are on the chopping block, thanks to the new FCC Chair (and former Verizon attorney) Ajit Pai. (FWIW, former FCC commissioner Michael Copps — a true champion of the people — has called this “the worst FCC I’ve ever seen.” More about that here.)
Right now and up until July 12, the FCC needs to hear from the public, and FMC encourages you to have your voice heard, to keep the internet open to all and Title II in place. It’s easy to file comments — here’s the shortcut:
  • Log on to: www.gofccyourself.com
  • On the right side of the screen, click “Express.”
  • Fill out the form to file your comments with the FCC.
TIP: Advocacy groups like to tell you what to say in filings, but the comments that hold the most weight with the FCC are not boilerplate. Just tell ’em why keeping the Internet neutral is important to you — which, by extension, is important to America and democracy.
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