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Hyperlocal Print & Online-Only Media

Using data visualization, we give you a look at the media companies on Long Island that publish printed newspapers and digital-only news along with contact information for reporters and editors in specific communities. SEE BELOW

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Inside Long Island: Hyperlocal Print & Online-Only Media Outlets

Long Island, N.Y. is comprised of two counties — Nassau and Suffolk — with about 2.7 million residents.

This map illustrates reporters covering particular geographical areas on Long Island for print and online-only media. Click a balloon to see reporter and editor contact information. Due to mapping, some outlets listed may overlap each other. For best results, and to see all outlets by ownership, click on a company name in the legend. 

NOTE: Information continuously added and updated. If you find discover something is out of date or missing, please email so we may address the issue as quickly as possible. Multiple sources have been used to compile the most accurate, comprehensive information possible but, please note, this type of information changes rapidly.

Mapping constraints may alter views of geo-targets lacking specific latitude and longitude. Please check in other areas of the Media Guide for additional information. 

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