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Donna Martini

President and CEO DM Enterprises, LLC
DM Enterprises, LLC 154 Anstice Street Oyster Bay New York 11771 United States Work Phone: 516 306 1207 Website:
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Donna Martini, a lifelong student of healthy lifestyle practices, self-healing techniques, quantum principles, and energy manipulation, has been sharing her education for over 25 years through speaking, writing, radio, television, and social media. In 2004, she chose to dedicate a major portion of her career to community service and has been helping people, families, employees, and students transcend negative thoughts and emotions, old belief systems, and physical imbalances through a technique she calls Positive Manipulation®.

Donna’s first book, The Ten Commandments of Divorce, professes to help separating couples leave their marriage without breaking up their family unit. Keeping in ‘tune’ with the message of love, she recently took to songwriting as a means to reach more people. That led her to the creation of her first music video called One Nation’s Heart, which she describes as a historical pictorial of our nation’s struggles; what we have been through and how far we have already come. The song asks for us to stand for unity, and her hope is to spread the message through her new website,, her latest adult book, My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras, and the children’s version in the form of a coloring book and reader. These new releases introduce a cartoon mascot named MantraMouse, a peace activist who promotes love, goodness, and personal responsibility to readers of every age.

Donna believes every human is extraordinarily gifted and capable of tapping into innate wisdom but would first need to “get over their human selves” in order to engage spiritually. “Our ego voice can be louder,” she contends, “and we need to decide—moment to moment—which voice inside our heads we want to listen to.” Her books combine decades of scientific research and study about the power and potential we each carry to heal ourselves of emotional trauma, sickness, disease, and negative mindsets. After helping herself overcome many conditions, including dyslexia and Crohn’s Disease, she has been helping thousands of others through her pro bono coaching practice, as the host of two radio shows, contributor to various local and national publications, eight websites, 2 published songs, public service tv, videos, and ads she has either been featured in or has written, directed and produced.

In addition to MantraMouse, Donna has created other characters for school-age children including the HeartRock Kids, OmRoom Yoga Kids, and Corey the Wacky Apple. Add poetry and MantraMouse cartoons, which will soon be available on T-shirts, tote bags, and various other merchandise, as Donna is willing to spread the message of love, unity, and wellness in whatever vernacular people will respond to. “Even though I’ve been at it for so many years, I feel I am just getting started with MantraMouse. Now, instead of me talking there is a mouse with a message, and even though that message comes through in a cartoon, it is having a profound effect on people of all ages. Funny thing is people will always find fault with a human, but who doesn’t just love a cartoon mouse?”

Categories: Public Speaker, Wellness, Wellness Coach, Writing
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