Media Relations Workshop Jan. 14

RESERVE NOW for our January communications training workshop, Establishing Value with the News Media, which will be held live online on Friday, Jan. 14, from 10-11 a.m. EST.  This program is sponsored by St. Joseph’s College.

The news business moves fast. Reporters and editors who once had time to delve into your story now have to churn out three stories in a day. And social media posts. And more. So how do you get their attention? Jody Fisher, Vice President for Public Relations at Austin Williams (& former New York City radio reporter), will talk about how to establish and maintain good relationships with the news decision-makers you need to tell your organization’s story. From initial contact to growing a reputation, we will discuss how one good hit turns into another. 

This session will be one hour(ish). Includes Q&A. 1.0 FMC Continuing Education Credits. Part of the Fair Media Council Capacity Building & Development Center, made possible by St. Joseph’s College.


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