What We Do


FMC has served the public interest in all matters relating to media since 1979. FMC works to ensure a variety of local news coverage, which is a necessary first step in promoting social change, social justice and helping communities move forward.


FMC advocates for a variety of news and information in the market, to protect the public’s right to know, and assesses the performance of the local news on a regular basis. We keep our members and the public apprised of changes in the media landscape and its impact. FMC keeps a watchful eye on trends happening inside the media industry that cause a needful change in how organizations must use media in order to get their messages to their desired publics. 


FMC keeps the media engaged in the community to ensure the community remains vibrant & media remains relevant. To do that, FMC provides year-round opportunities for businesses and organizations to meet the media and establish an open dialogue; keep current on the latest media trends and the effect such change has on communication strategies; improve social media skills and so much more.


Founded in 1979, the Fair Media Council is one of the oldest, most successful media watchdog organizations in the country. FMC is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization serving the public interest since 1979.

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