Newsmaker of the Year

A new program by the Fair Media Council, Newsmaker of the Year is intended to recognize the people who are standing up to do the right thing. It’s free to enter.

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At the 2017 Folio Awards: Singer Robbie Rosen, FMC CEO Jaci Clement, WCBS Newsradio 880’s News & Programming Director Tim Scheld, and keynoter Rita Cosby

Folio Awards

FMC’s Folio Awards are judged by the public, and serve as a litmus test for how well the news media is serving and engaging the public. The Fair Media Council works year round to build a bridge between the news media and the public via open dialogue, relationship building and mutual respect.

Entries are due in December of each year.

In recent years, the Folio Awards have been expanded to include social media, which has become a vital form of communication in disseminating news and information, as well as engaging the public and reaching new audiences.

FMC Media Savvy Teacher Awards

Creating a media savvy society is at the heart of the Fair Media Council’s work, and encouraging teachers to use news in their classrooms is the purpose behind the Media Savvy Teacher Awards.

From building critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, to improving students’ reading, writing and technology skills, our teacher awards recognize cutting-edge programming created by innovative teachers across America.

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