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Benefits of Membership

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  • Recognized as an organization that cares about the community
  • Substantial Discounts on FMC Events and Products The discounts apply to all members of your company.
  • Access to the Fair Media Council For advice, questions, complaints and anything related to local news. Call anytime, make an appointment or visit with us on our Open House days. We’re here for you.
  • Exclusive Networking With media, media decision makers and community, business and nonprofit leaders. No other organization in the region or the country serves as the bridge to bring the news media out to the community. It’s your opportunity to market your company, products and services as well as position yourself as an expert in your industry. Before you can grow your business, people need to know you exist. Getting into the news brings customers to your door.
  • Events Tailored To Help You Grow Your Business Our Media Fix Workshops are specifically designed to help you improve and increase your communication efforts. Our Media Savvy Breakfasts give you the chance to meet the media and ask what you’ve always wanted to know about television news, newspapers, cable, radio and the Internet. After every event, you get to walk away with tips and strategies to build your business.
  • Media Literacy Programming FMC has taught media literacy to 4th-to-6th graders and created an awards program to encourage teachers to incorporate media literacy into their classroom teachings
  • FREE FMC Media Guide For than 60 pages of contact info on the New York local news media. The FMC Media Guide is updated every year and is included in your annual membership fee.
  • Exhibit Space at Connection Day The largest conference in the country that brings the local news media out to meet the public, Connection Day is the perfect forum for exhibiting and telling your story to our more than 600 Connection Day attendees. Only member companies, communications-related companies, educational institutions and news organizations are eligible to exhibit at FMC’s Connection Day.
  • Events To Take You Inside Media Attend, learn, network and build your business in an exclusive environment.
  • Products To Teach You What the Media Doesn’t Want You To Know Handbooks, advice columns, opinions on local media.
  • Forums for Participating in the News Process Because the media is not the judge and jury, we teach you how to talk back to the news media, how to recognize when they haven’t played fair, and what you can do about it.
  • Monthly Newsletter We give you updates on our activities, insider tips andopinions on timely topics affecting local news.
  • Media Complaint Department Have a problem with the media? Call us. We can help.
  • Media Market Demographics With the buying and selling of media comes different formats and different audiences. We keep you abreast of the changes.

The news media knows we’re keeping tabs on how they’re doing, and the opinions issued by FMC are widely respected. Bringing the power of the public together with FMC’s expertise has resulted in immediate changes in how news is presented, where it’s heading and how it can better serve the public. Our opinions have appeared in news outlets around the country, including PBS, Media Ethics Magazine, The New York Times, Broadcasting & Cable, Romanesko, USAToday and many more.