Signature Events & Programs

The Fair Media Council offers a variety of programs to help its members become media savvy, progressive communicators and well-connected representatives of their brands.

  • FMC Connection Day
    The largest conference in the country that brings the media together with the public for a day of open dialogue. The purpose is to facilitate news coverage of issues important to the community.
  • FMC Media Savvy Teacher Award
    Designed to recognize 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers who are using news and promoting media literacy inside their classrooms. Teachers anywhere in the United States may enter. Entries must explain the idea or concept behind the program, how the concept was implemented and how results were measured. Entries will be judged by community leaders.
  • FMC Folio Awards
    Honoring excellence in local news and social media. The awards program is adjudicated by community leaders to choose news relevant to the community, well told and impeccably crafted. Social media categories allow businesses and nonprofits to enter, too.
  • FMC Influencer Series: Savvy & Insight
    This half-day event of two workshops is designed to help you jump start your marketing efforts in the new year.
  • FMC Women’s Empowerment Summit
    This half-day event features a variety of interactive workshops designed to help you unleash your full potential in the workplace. FMC’s Women’s Empowerment Summit is an event comprised of a variety of educational and insightful workshops as well as ample networking opportunities, all designed to help women at every level of their careers.
  • FMC Summer Social Media Boot Camp
    Get in front of more than 100 businesses & nonprofits from the Tri-State area in an innovative, fun & relaxed educational setting. FMC Summer Social Media Boot Camp is a half-day event featuring a variety of interactive workshops to help businesses & nonprofits improve social media skills while learning & networking in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • FMC Media Fix Workshop Series
    Cutting-edge communication skills are introduced in this hands-on workshop series designed specifically for business and nonprofit organizations to learn new ways to use communication tools and skills to grow their organizations.