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Media Savvy Tips for Parents

  How news can help build healthy kids. Children need to create a healthy news diet while they are young, so it sticks with them as they grow. A healthy news diet improves many of the skills children are...

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Speakers Sought for Oct. 23 Conference

The Fair Media Council seeks news, media, social media and communications speakers for its annual Connection Day conference on Oct. 23, 2015 in Bethpage, N.Y. FMC Connection Day is the largest conference in...

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Media Savvy Tips For Kids

Start a news journal. Keep a daily journal and write down how many hours of television news you watch a day, and on what channels. Do the same with newspapers and the Internet. After a week, your journal will...

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FMC Media Savvy Bill of Rights

You have a right to a variety of media voices in your market, which serve to provide an array of news and information. News should not all look the same, nor use only the same sources and viewpoints. You have...

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Folio Speaker’s New Book Out

Famed media critic Michael Wolff, who mesmerized the Fair Media Council’s Folio Awards audience with his insight into media today, has released his new book, ‘Television is the New...

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Save 25 Percent Off Publicity Guide

The Fair Media Council’s 2015 Publicity Guide is on sale year round, but this chance to save off the cover price ends soon! The FMC Publicity Guide, presented by Bethpage Federal Credit Union, is full...

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